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I am focused on returning to the fundamentals of educating our children, empowering parents, supporting teachers and staff, ensuring student success and security, and promoting financial accountability.  I am running with a team that supports these same initiatives, click Andrew and Pratt.

Education Changes Lives

Thank you for caring about what’s happening in our schools.   There is nothing more important than educating our children.  As parents, we want our children to learn and get a good education in order to pursue their future dreams.  We want them to be happy and safe.

When you have a child your world changes and this little person becomes the most important thing in your life.  They grow up too fast! 

Education is the key to success for all children.

We have to get back to educating and having high expectations for all children.  All children deserve the opportunity to strive for their dreams.  First, they need to imagine their futures, second, they need to understand hard work is required to achieve big dreams and third that failing is part of the learning process, figure out how to keep moving forward.  Every person in this world has failed at something.  Successful people simply do not give up! 

My mother always said, "Where there's a will, there's a way." 

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