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Declining Educational Outcomes

U.S. Education Rankings Are Falling Behind the Rest of the World (

The best thing we can do for our students is provide them with a strong academic education in the core subjects.  If students are strong in reading, writing and arithmetic, they have the tools needed to learn whatever they choose to learn and gain skills to pursue future goals/dreams.

Our Guilford County students are falling behind only 8% are proficient in Math 1.  Covid has exacerbated the situation. All students experienced learning loss. Grade inflation has been an issue for years, with Covid it has reached an all-time high. 

How do we address these issues?  Strong teachers and increased instructional hours

GCS schools needs to address the teacher shortage.  First, we need to retain the talent we have in GCS. What initiatives and policies can the board address to create a supportive working environment, return some autonomy and creativity back to the classroom, support teachers with discipline issues, minimize testing and other time-consuming initiatives not related to academic success.

I was shocked GCS reduced instructional days at a time we need to be addressing learning loss.  GCS over the last years has reduced instructional days from 180 days to 173 days.  This year GC BOE approved reducing instructional days from 176 to 173 days.  The board should have returned to 180 days.

GCS has to hold students accountable for their work.  GCS can offer support.   However, students need to actually do the work in order to become proficient in the subject matter.  If students make no effort, they should be failed.  Failing is a learning process.  Everyone has failed at something.  To be successful students need to assess why they failed and figure out how to continue moving forward.  Giving grades that have not been earned has no real positive outcome.  It only assures students will be unprepared for post-secondary education and will not be self-learners.  

GCS should have high expectations of all children and hold them accountable for their work.

Let's Educate Children!



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