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Meet Linda

My early memories are of military bases, I lived in five states by the time I was 6 including Alaska.   My father, an Army Staff Sergeant, was stationed in Neu Ulm, Germany and met my mother.  I was born in San Antonio, Tx.  They divorced when I was in the first grade.

My divorced mother with limited education, raised three children with no support system.  She worked hard to provide for us.  She wanted her children to have an easier life.  She motivated me to do well in school.  She knew education would provide a ladder to financial security.  She was my number one cheerleader.  


I graduated high school, went on to graduate from Western Carolina University and eventually got a masters from the University of Colorado, Boulder. 



I worked for Western Electric, AT&T and Lucent Technologies rising to the level of Technical Manager. I had an 18-year career in Information Systems Technologies. 



Married at a mature age and had two sons.  My husband’s parents needed assistance and my children were now one and three, working long hours was becoming difficult. 

In 2001, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. I loved being home with my children.  However, I needed something to challenge me, I got involved with the Forest Oaks Community Association (FOCA).  FOCA decided more residents needed to be involved in issues impacting the Southeast Area and helped create the Southeast Community Association.

When my children started school, I volunteered at Alamance Elementary, one of the oldest schools in the district which was in major disrepair.   I decided to do something about it.  I contacted Superintendent Dr. Grier about how to get capital improvements in the area.  He informed me we had to do a bond.  I told him when GCS did a bond, I wanted to be informed because we had major capital needs.  Six months later GCS decided to do a bond.  I worked hard to get Southeast Guilford on the bond which passed in 2008.  I decided to run for school board in 2012 and won my election.  It has been my honor to serve the families of Guilford County for 10 years.  My focus has always been to provide children with an educational environment conducive to learning where all students can achieve their highest potential.  Thank you in advance for your support November 8th, Linda Welborn

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